Screen-printed self-adhesive labels for all needs

At Seribert, we produce self-adhesive labels on sheets and reels for all client needs. The screen prints, created using different techniques on various supports and materials, can be designed and developed for various industrial sectors from bikes to motorcycles, all types of household appliances, collectibles, gardening and agricultural equipment and machinery, the automotive and broadest range of industrial sectors. Every request, however complex and specific, is a challenge we are keen to welcome.

Some of our solutions:

  • Water slide decals
  • Dry transfer decals
  • Pre-spaced stickers
  • Die-cut sticker kit for bike frames and motorcycles
  • Rim and wheel stickers
  • Industrial stickers
  • Advertising stickers
  • Die-cut stickers
  • Resin bonded lenticular stickers
  • Under clearcoat stickers
  • Relief head badges
  • Membrane keyboards
  • Relief plates
  • Stickers for toys
  • Masking for painting
  • Industrial plates
  • Crystal shields

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Labels for

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