Screen-printed labels on
for manual application

Singular or organised in kits, custom labels

to guarantee the uniqueness of your product.


3 automatic screen printing lines for sticker-on-sheet processing with print dimensions 70x50cm with air drying oven and additional UV dryer for alternative processing.

1 semi-automatic screen printing machine for samples or small runs with variable print formats from minimum sizes up to 100×70 cm.

4 Zund cutting plotters.

4 Heidelberg die-cutting machines
1 flat platen die-cutting machine
1 reel-to-sheet material converter
1 metallic gold and silver hot foil stamping machine
1 Polar paper cutter

PVC material

Other materials

Pantone colours

We use quality, pigment-rich colours to guarantee best results. You can choose from all colours of the Pantone Matching System (PMS), as well as all colours in the RAL, TA, YS colour charts.

Light box

We use a light box, that is, a tool offering an evenly lit and reliable environment to individually assess the colour tones. This is because colours can appear differently depending on the light source to which they are subjected.

Solutions for all needs

We can develop labels for the broadest range of applications, satisfying even the most complex demands, for example a moulded and die-cut heat shield for the automotive sector, and special membrane keyboards with UV protection to reduce the heat of the underlying electronic circuit boards. Contact us to explain your needs, and together we can find the ideal solution.

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